I'm Andree' H. Smith The H Is For Honore' Married to NFL Great All-Pro Alumni DS49 Dennis Smith. Both Successful Real Estate Investors. "Love Is Like Fried Ice Cream, Hot, Cold, Smooth, Hard, Sweet and Good. The Things I'm Not Good At Are The Things I Don't Want To Do. Don't Tell Your Secrets Because Mad Day is Coming Like a Holiday. It's About Love... Not Blood!!" By: ~Andree' H. Smith My Kids Tiffany And Armani's Website LiveArtLove.com/ My Daughter's Websites TiffyDiamond.com CuteLA.com. I Trust Very Few. My Life; My Business. I'm Bold Sexy Funny and I Laugh Loud. If I was a Wine I Would Be "Opus One" Cabernet Sauvignon. Rich, French, Taste Delicious Like Black Cherry and Sweet Like Chocolate. Used To The Good Life I Have Fun Everywhere. I'm Easy Going But Don't Cross Me. Favorite Song is Imagine ~John Lennon. I'm Catholic But I Unite With All Religions That Embrace Love and Peace. I Know There's A Heaven and Hell, My Journey Has Seen Both. I Have No Intention Reuniting With People From My Past. My Path is Like the Wind that Blows a Kite Without a String. I Dance on a Natural High of Positive Energy... My Faith Connects Me to Every Person and Passion I Desire. I Bond With Lovers of Life That Share My Zest for Happiness... I Believe in Angels and Demons Because I Know Both. I'm a Liberal. We May Not Share The Same Views But it's Cool. ~I'm An Only Child That Can Do Amazing Things. I Know Beauty Secrets To Make Your Hair and Nails Grow. I'm A Natural Beauty. I Got a Small Circle of Fabulous Friends. Mostly Men!! I Thank God for the Fresh Water My Spirit Receives Every Day. I'm Forever Grateful To The Angels in My Life. ~To Dennis My Hot Hubby, Thanks For Putting Up with Me for All these Years. I Love You!! I Got the Sweetest Hubby, Kids, Parents, Godson, Family, Friends and Pets in the World. God Bless Protect My Family and Friends. Beautiful, Loved and Blessed!! "No Odie Porque Soy Hermosa" ~Andree' H. Smith AKA Carmen Sierra about.me/dreelamb
Proud Members of The Elite LASWC Club, SB Ferrari Club, NRA.org/home.aspx, http://liveartlove.com/, SOTL.com, NFLAlumni.org and AOAUSA.com

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